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Iron Range Cabins

Lockhart River is a coastal Aboriginal community situated on the eastern coast of Cape York Peninsula, Queensland.

It is approximately level with Weipa on the western coast of Cape York peninsular, and is approximately 800 km north of Cairns by Road, or a one and a half hour flight. 2550 km by road north of Brisbane. Lockhart River is the northern most town on the east coast of Australia.

The community is located approx. 2 km inland from Quintell Beach and is within the Iron Range National Park. During WW2 the Iron Range Airport was constructed as a bomber base to defend the northern part of Australia from japanese invasion.

Lockhart River is also the name of a river located 14 km south of the community. The river was named by explorer Robert Logan Jack in January 1880 after a close friend, Hugh Lockhart.

Please note that Lockhart River is in an Alcohol management area. This means no alcohol is permitted. Heavy fines will be enforced if you are found with alcohol.